Our process is

fast & easy.

Turn your surplus industrial equipment and machinery into cash and reclaim valuable floor space with ListingHippo

Save Time

ListingHippo saves time by taking care of the entire selling process.

More Space

Immediately create more floor space for your operations.

Less Work

ListingHippo handles all heavy lifting and tedious logistics.

Get started today

Here’s How it works.



Get started today

Here’s How it works.

How it works


Our team provides on-site assessment of your surplus industrial equipment and machinery, discussing timelines and proposing the most suitable solutions for your specific needs.


We take detailed photos, specifications, and descriptions of your assets and expertly catalog them for the market.


After cataloging, our marketing team promotes your assets on all major marketplaces and to our extensive network of global buyers, maximizing exposure and increasing the chances of a successful sale.


After finding a suitable buyer and closing the deal, we deduct our commission and promptly forward your payment to you


We take care of logistics for you, arranging for efficient and safe trucking and loading of your surplus equipment and machinery. Once the payment is completed, we ship them out to the buyer.
Benefits Of Selling With ListingHippo

Less Work. Less Hassle.
Less Risk.

We provide an end-to-end sales program that eliminates all the work, hassle, and risk that comes with selling your surplus equipment and machinery

Reclaim Space

ListingHippo helps you reclaim your valuable space by providing a monetary return for your surplus equipment.


We carefully screen potential buyers before any transaction takes place.


We professionally process, catalog, and market all surplus equipment and machinery on your behalf.


Listinghippo offers hassle-free selling with complete handling of all work and buyer interactions for you.